The Akademie Klausenhof is situated in the countryside on the border of the Ruhr area Many cities and interesting regions can be visited via good traffic connections (motorway, train, bus).

The town of Hamminkeln, where the Akademie Klausenhof is located, consists of seven districts. One of them is Dingden. Dingden is a village with a very nice town centre and has a lot of shopping facilities, an open-air swimming pool, cafés, restaurants and bars. The town of Rhede, the second location of the Akademie Klausenhof, has got a very nice old town.
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Bocholt the next bigger town can easily be reached by bus or by bicycle. The town is noted as a popular shopping area with the mall "Arkaden", of course it has also a very interesting town centre.
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Wesel is situated in an area called the Lower Rhine, south-west of the Akademie Klausenhof, and is known as a particularly delightful region of Germany.
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The Ruhr area is less than one hour to go by car away from the Akademie Klausenhof. In the past the region was known for mining and heavy industry. Nowadays there is a rich cultural life with many universities and sights of international interest. The CentrO. In Oberhausen, the biggest shopping mall in Europe, can also be reached easily from the Akademie Klausenhof.
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Cities like Münster, Düsseldorf and Cologne with their tourist attractions are not far away from the Akademie Klausenhof.
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But also cosmopolitan cities like Brussels in Belgium or Amsterdam in the Netherlands are also not far away. The Akademie Klausenhof regularly organizes trips for the participants to these destinations.
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